Greater love hath no man than this…

8MRPHoAToday is the sixty-ninth anniversary of D-Day.  On this day in 1944, 150,000 Americans, English, Canadians, and other allies–though mostly Americans–left England and crossed the English Channel on a cloudy, rainy day, and landed thirty miles away on the 5 mile coast of Normandy, France, to attack the German Third Reich.  In just a few hours we lost 12,000 men, double what we’ve lost in Iraq and Afghanistan over a decade.

In but a few hours.

The anniversaries of D-Day, Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, etc., are special times for me.  When I consider the wholesale slaughter our men faced at the hands of vicious tyrannies, on behalf of people they did not know, I cannot help getting choked up a little.  It’s a confusing feeling, really…How one’s heart can ache in both pride and terrible sadness at the same time.

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What’s wrong with the media: Case study #2 and #3

cartoonHaving been a member of “The Media,” even at what you might call the “bush league” level, I have developed an interest in media affairs.  Combined with my intense interest in and concern for civil affairs, my interest in The Media is subsequently amplified.  I believe Thomas Jefferson when he told us over and over that education is necessary to conduct ourselves as the best possible citizens and run our country in the best possible way.  And as The Media is our educator–our teachers–once we leave our formal schooling (this is why the Founders protected freedom of the press in the Constitution), it’s critical for Americans to pay attention to what they do.

But what if the teacher sucks?  Take a few moments and ponder the consequences to society if Americans eventually come to know nothing, or what they think they know is actually bogus…

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From the “Life Is Pretty Cool Sometimes” Department

Apparently we discovered an ancient Egyptian city that has been lost underwater for centuries.  This wasn’t bigger news why? Anyway, no commentary necessary here, just check out the links and enjoy:

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My mamma always says treason is as treason does

treason“I‘m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it any more!” shouted character Howard Beale in the 1976 film Network.  I can relate to that sentiment because that’s about how I feel when it comes to the gun issue, as you may have gathered elsewhere; it’s kinda why I started this blog afterall.  These days though, supporting the Second Amendment is enough to get you ridiculed and insulted.  In their ongoing efforts to restrict gun ownership, the ultimate goal being a complete gun ban, anti-gun liberals have co-opted a formerly conservative tactic: accuse the other side of treason.

This past Thursday, Christopher Swindell, a journalism professor (ha!) at Marshall University in West Virginia, accused the NRA and its members of treason, and suggested they ought to be shot by a firing squad.  Before we go any farther, let’s define “treason” so we’re all working from the same play book.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, “treason” is defined as:

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