To my Republican and conservative friends,

These past few days have seen a lot of conjecture regarding the motives, checkered past, and political agenda of Cesar Sayoc, the Florida mail bomber. And while I’ll admit to engaging in some unserious conspiracy theory speculation for amusement among friends, events like this serve as a good time to reflect upon both our inner dialogue, and that which we present publicly.

Let’s take a moment out of being upset with Democrats for jumping to conclusions and engaging in ridiculous rhetoric in the wake of this mail bombing attempt (which they have absolutely done) to recognize that many on the Right predictably do the same type of things after mass casualty events.

Our side’s first reaction to this mail bombing thing was to assert that this was a Leftist false flag operation. I’ve even seen many people claiming Hillary Clinton or the DNC had something to do with this. In other situations, our side makes loud assumptions that are often based on a perpetrator’s nationality or religion. And when mass shootings happen and the Left cranks up the gun control rhetoric, our side overwhelmingly (and correctly) decries the irrationality and urges the Left to “wait until the investigation is over to make judgments.”

It seems to me that telling the Left to wait until all the facts are out before rushing to judgement following a mass casualty incident, and carrying on about Left-wing false flag ops before all the facts are out following an attempted mass casualty incident, are not logically consistent with each other.

Joking around with friends is one thing; like I said, I’ve been doing it too. This is a cynical time after all, a time of great public turmoil. Tensions are high, and sardonic jocularity, sarcasm, and irony are healthy ways to cope with it. God knows comedians have made good livings doing it for money. But what we, as individuals, actually *believe* in our own minds, as well as what message we present to the world outside our circle of friends, should be consistent with the best ideals and virtues that conservatism and classical liberalism are supposed to be about.

If reason, the exercise of intellect, and the possession of wisdom are supposed to be virtues the Right holds, then let’s be reasonable, intellectual, and wise in our public discourse. If we think the Left should withhold judgement in these situations, then we should gladly do the same. The high ground can only be held if we take it.


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