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The smugness of the Left is at the root of why I changed parties some years back, and why I will remain a Republican until I die. The base, holier-than-thou, tyrannical mindset required to be a modern liberal is something I want no part of. I’d rather hang out with the stereotype the Left has of the Right–simple minded hayseeds–who, while perhaps ignorant, simply want to be left the hell alone.

I find no fault in ignorance unless it’s willful. Even ignorance induced by miseducation is excusable, which is so common now via the blogosphere. But I sure do find fault in arrogance, which in a single word sums up the modern American Left.

I would encourage all liberals to read this column and take notice. Don’t be “triggered” and shy away from it, back to your “safe space.” Confront this indictment and consider it carefully.

Your progressive culture’s smugness and increased radicalism is causing the insanity we’re seeing on the Right, which is now lashing out at your continuous onslaught in the culture war you declared so many years ago. So if you want better politics–and by that I mean to include actual diversity–that is, diversity of thought, opinion and being–and not just your pigeon-holed, nonsensical, meme-worthy version of it, then you better check yo’self, before you wreck all of us.

Sadly, it may already be too late. Alea iacta est.


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