A couple very important things to help us understand this:

1) Bill Nye is not actually a scientist. 
2) Bill Nye is an idiot.

Millennial fascination with this guy baffles me. Nye possesses nothing more than a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and had a brief and crappy career with Boeing before moving on to edutainment.

There is nothing wrong with these things on their own; they are all perfectly well and good. However I do not, for the life of me, understand why these normal, average things qualify him to have an opinion on everything that the media is incessantly compelled to parrot. Bill Nye is, at this point in time, merely a sham artist; a hold-over from the post-Mr. Wizard Nickelodeon 1990s that presumably evokes warm and fuzzies from a time before all the special little snowflakes were confronted with adulthood and the realities that come with it.

It is therefore completely unsurprising that Bill Nye the Regular Guy, simpleton that he is, completely lacks both the breadth and the depth of thought and understanding necessary to comprehend philosophy or its usefulness and essential nature to the human condition. Here is a guy vocationally educated in a technical field who had a TV show for children, and who simplistically and nihilistically believes that science can explain everything when, in fact, science has absolutely nothing to say on the things that truly matter in life.

Ask a scientist to explain love, honor, or the meaning of life, then sit back and watch the stammering sh*tshow commence. I would not be shocked in the least to discover that Mr. Nye was a raging alcoholic, the poor guy.

Science is great for what it is and does, but leave it to actual scientists. And leave philosophy to people who don’t pretend to be scientists for money and celebrity.


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